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Our Services – Melbourne

Social and Recreational support

We can support you to find, engage in and maintain any social or recreational activity of your choice. This could involve meeting new people and maintaining friendships, take part in whatever you like to do, for example swimming, shopping, bowling, or just spending some time out in the community. We can help you find out what activities are out there you may enjoy, then help you take part in them

NDIS Registered Provider Melbourne

Community Participation

We can help you overcome any barriers and engage in any community activities you may enjoy. This could be things like attending festivals (Moomba, St Kilda etc..) go on excursions to Melbourne’s many attractions, or simpler things like going to the library, joining local clubs or going on short breaks and holidays

NDIS Registered Provider Melbourne

Development of life skills

We can support you to increase your skills in a range of independent living skills. These could be things like cooking, help with managing your money, learning more about computers or learning how to get about on public transport. Whatever it is you want we are here to help you achieve it. 

NDIS Registered Provider Melbourne

In Home support

We can help you manage all the tasks around living at home, such as personal care, dressing, cooking, cleaning or gardening. Anything you need or want support in around your home we are here to help. 

NDIS Registered Provider Melbourne

Transition into adult life

If you are and leaving or have just left school, we can help you around adapting to adult life. This could be anything from making new friends, finding new activities and things to get involved in, developing relationships or any practical skills you may want to learn.

NDIS Registered Provider Melbourne

Travel training and Transport support

We can support you in a dedicated program focused solely on helping you learn how to use public transport and get around Melbourne, whether its independently or with some support. Or if you prefer we can just support you fully to get to wherever you need to go and to and from the things you do throughout the week.

NDIS Registered Provider Melbourne

Support Coordination

Once you receive your NDIS Plan we can help you engage with other Providers to put your plan in action and ensure you get the supports that you need. We will also monitor the Providers and talk with you to ensure that you are happy with the supports they are providing, and if you are not we can help you find other Providers who can meet your needs in the way that you want.

NDIS Registered Provider Melbourne

Plan Management

If you have received your NDIS Plan, and want to engage with Providers yourself and set up your plan, we can assist by organising all payments to them from your plan, so you don’t have the hassle of have to deal with invoices and payments.

NDIS Registered Provider Melbourne

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